LED Cylinder Projects for Red Bull and Les Grands Prés

Recently, Street Communication received a project from Red Bull, the energy drink titan. Red Bull, the company historically known for its famous slogan “Red bull gives you wings,” knew that they were interested in a technically progressive and innovative visual communications solution and Street Communication’s LED engineers were perfectly suited to bring the company what they wanted. Using flexible, LED panels of pixel pitch 6mm, our LED designers and engineers combined their talents to create  a mammoth LED Red Bull can. Red Bull will use this LED architectural structure to play their own video ads and hopefully attract more customers. We designed a custom system allowing for the simple transportation and installation of the can.

Although we receive many customers looking to purchase LED cans or bottles, our LED structural engineers are especially proud of this project because the LED can we were able to realize was much larger than the past LED cans we have designed and engineered.

Street Communication specializes in custom LED lights like the bendable and flexible panels used to manufacture the Red Bull can. We love when we are able to bring together both beautiful designs and precise engineering to realize a bespoke LED solution. Our special flexible LED panels are perfect for projects such as this one as well as for more complex endeavors.

The above pictures depict the location, design, and engineering of our next LED cylinder project for Les Grands Prés, a shopping center in Belgium that is currently being refurbished and modernized. Street Communication manufactured and designed the entire LED solution system specifically for Les Grands Prés shopping center. Street Communication LED engineers’ and designers’ task was to integrate a large LED cylinder of pixel pitch 6mm into a curved steel and glass ceiling structure already in place at the shopping center.

The cylinder will be integrated using a custom hoist system, which will allow the huge LED cylinder to be lifted up and down with the press of a button. After integrating the LED cylinder, the exterior of the circle will be finished with a white gypsum satin board to preserve the aesthetic of the shopping center. We expect the LED cylinder to electrify Les Grands Prés’ visual communications and bring the shopping center a step forward in terms of technology.