Latest Advertising Trend: Rental LED Display Screens

Organizing a stage show? Or you are busy with the opening of your high-end brand store? Or merely it is a big party day approaching, you might need transparent rental LED screens.

These screens are appearing to be the new trend in the market, and for all good reasons. These come with several benefits and features. Here is a sneak peek into some of the crucial features and benefits of transparent LED display:

  1. Light Weight: As the PCB board is merely 10mm in thickness, it will weigh around 18kg/ pcs including hanging strings and other power supplies.

Being light weight, these enable you easy installation and that too in small space.

  1. High transparency: These screens offer more than 80 percent transparency ratio at the highest resolution. Do you know these are unnoticeable when you view them from 5 meters or more?

So, these benefit with interior organic illumination and viewing.

  1. Easy maintenance: Most of them come with long life expectancy, somewhere around 100,000 hours. Plus, there is a provision of fixing single strip without eliminating entire panel.
  1. Easy Setup: Due to its light weight and quick lock systems, it comes with additional benefit of quick installation. Yes, these feature plug and play system, saving labor expenses significantly.
  1. High brightness and energy efficient: Offering 6000nits brightness these serve to be an ideal visual device. Even under direct sun ray, the screen will be visible and can be used 24/7. And you don’t need any cooling unit; save energy!
  1. Greater number of application: The best thing is that there are a range of full color transparent rental displays. From shopping avenues, hotels, landmarks, banks, theaters, to all other needs, these can be used anywhere.

Lastly, you don’t need to buy them for a good amount. You can just rent these as per your need and advertise your business story the way you want. Isn’t that amazing!

So, wait no more! Benefit from quick installation, high brightness, excellent heat indulgence, transparency and easy upkeep of these transparent rental LED displays.