Red Bull può LED per Ultra Festival Miami

TheSuperGroup ci ha raggiunto recentemente al StreetCo’, Chiedendoci di aiutarli a creare un innovativo proporzionato Red Bull può, per la ultra Festival a Miami.

The Ultra Festival is one of the biggest events in Miami and one of the biggest festivals worldwide. As of 2016, Ultra Music Festival is home to seven stages that span the picturesque Bayfront Park which include the Main Stage, the Live stage, the MegaStructure, the Worldwide stage, the UMF Radio stage, the Resistance stage, and the Oasis stage. Each year, they invite over 100 various artists and attend over 165000 people. It is a great occasion to advertise all type of products.

Il Gruppo Super aveva bisogno di qualcosa che si distinguono dalla folla massiccia e tutte le schermate che sarebbero al festival, così abbiamo collaborato e ha deciso di creare una lattina di Red Bull lungo LED.

Our flexible LED display were design specifically for this project. Our designer team collaborated with our structural engineer so they could create the perfect Angled LED display. They had to calculate which size should the can be, what materials and which pixel pitch to use, so the can would resist to the weather conditions and possible shocks during the festival.

Abbiamo usato 14 metri quadrati di pannelli angolati LED con un passo dei pixel 5,9 mm per creare un display a LED a forma concava. I nostri pannelli LED utilizzano diodi SMD per visualizzare un'immagine più qualitativa con una migliore frequenza di aggiornamento e scala di grigi.

This LED can can be used for any other brand, or event, since it is time resistant.

We offer complete solution from A to Z which include:

  • Design / creation / production of the product: right sizing and specification

  • Ingegneria and stability calculation for the cabinet and structure

  • Design of a bespoke installation system suitable for your environment

  • We provide a content management software which help broadcasting content at different time of the day

  • Design an Electrical solution and drawing which state the onsite electrical requirements

  • Logistic & Maintenance

  • Onsite installation

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