Innovative Flexible shape LED screen display indoor Pitch 4mm

Street communication is specialised on the design, production and installation of innovative LED screen display indoor and outdoor from Pitch 1.9mm to 12mm outdoor. Street Co can design any custom made LED screen with any size and shape. We have a team of structural and LED engineers to come up with all calculation engineering drawings.

This project was done for a UK customer who wanted to add a digital original touch to his premises.

We came up with this S shape LED screen to be integrated within their wall – It gives 3D feel and add to the wall an innovative touch to this curve, flexible LED screen display.



If you are interested to create an innovative LED curved flexible display screen with LED feel free to fill in the form here and our team will be glad to help.

Amongst our specialities we can find:

– Flexible LED

– LED stairs

– Curved LED display

– Transparent LED

– Architectural LED

– LED display architectural

– Column LED display

– Cylinder LED

– Donut LED display

– Ceiling LED display

– LED display screen

– Circle LED

– Custom LED

Client: Integrator under NDA

Tasks: Design, proposal design, production and installation of the curved indoor LED wall pitch 4mm

Lieu : London

Dates : 4 December 2015 –