Screen 4K and Floor LED form Studio TV Soccer World Cup

Screen 4K and Floor LED form Studio TV Soccer World Cup – Presentation

treet Communication is an plancher LED Experts. Our signature service & product, provides tailored floor content, software, and hardware that is specific to our customer’s needs and has been rented and installed worldwide. We proudly build our own software & content for our interactive LED tiles, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Street Communication deliver a full description to have the floor LED ready to use for your specific application. This method will help to shape your Floor Experience.

Location ou fixed installation of floor LED – Street Communication will deliver a unique experience to your complete team and customers.

For the program that will display on the floor, you can be as creative as you want – All you have to do is make your scenario / define the trigger.

You can rent those ready to use rental solution for an stage performance, or an eye-catching LED floor. No matter how you choose, Street Communication will deliver a unique and perfect system experience tailored to your needs, goals, system, and expectations.

Street Communication will deliver an LED floor you’ll want to stop and look at, walk over again and again.

Anyone who would consider having these – Would certainly win favor with children, but then expect every friend they have to visit regularly and run around on them for hours.

installation et la maintenance

fixer facilement le module dans la structure très rapide; une installation personnalisée est également disponible.

Belle conception d'aspect

conception modulaire LED transparent et structure simple rendre plus claire et transparente.

Haute luminosité

La consommation d'énergie de LED est inférieure à la projection et l'écran LCD, et il est encore bien visible avec une luminosité élevée même directement sous la lumière du soleil.

La conception modulaire

Basé sur le pas de pixel la plus appropriée, les modules standards peuvent être assemblés en affichage dans diverses tailles.

Screen pixel pitch 1.2 resolution 4K

High resolution brings delicate display effect, and it is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high definition LED display technology. Pixel pitch is 1.2 mm.