Flexible, curved, transparent LED display screen

Flexible LED for cylinder and curved surfaces

Our new innovation leads us to design this twistable LED. Those tiles are perfect solution for constructing smart, creative LED display systems with the ability to adapt the screen to the structures. A unique rubber faced magnetic flexible modular LED screen is designed and manufactured by Street communication for indoor application P3mm to P17mm flexible Video Display tile is available now.

LED Cylinder is the real 360 degree video display, it is integrator of the cutting edge led technology and engineering. Street Communication can design a perfectly seam less 360 degree surface which bring out the perfect visual effect and a fabulous frame to match.

We use the minimum structure size to form the cylinder, every electronical parts will be placed inside the housing concisely, the control cards, power supply are properly installed in an allocated slot specifically designed for it. At the same time, we work out the solution with best performance for the heat dissipation.

Using our flexible LED screen technology, can create a unique led video display solution such as a circular column, curved, waved shape LED screen. Imagine the endless messaging, branding and advertising opportunities unlocked by the ability to wrap static columns, curved or waved wall in convention centres, stadiums, shopping centres, and more with seamless, brilliant imagery.

  1. 16 bit grey level processing ability presents you the very rich details, and creates so vivid pictures that you will feel as if you were right on the scene.
  2. Superb refresh rate provides you coherent video effects to meet your needs for high Displays quality.
  3. High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown, even under direct sunlight.
  4. Cree LED ensures long life span of the screen.



The installation and maintenance are the key part as well. We think in the way for end-users. The cylinder can be hanged or stand and on the floor. We have designed a set of tools for the quick installation and maintenance.