Column deconstructed LED flexible

    Column deconstructed LED flexible

    You can rent those ready to use rental solution for an interactive stage performance, or an eye-catching Cylinder LED deconstructed. No matter how you choose, Street Communication will deliver a unique and perfect system experience tailored to your needs, goals, system and expectations.

    Anyone who would consider having these – Would certainly live a new experience to display your brands with excellent quality.

    Remembering the color and re-lighting it by look this ad.

    Curved column flexible LED screen


    A . Physical space and dimensions to set up your Column LED.

    B . Rental or permanent installation of the interactive Column LED

    C . Scenario for the script of the animation. This is the most imaginative part of the process and we encourage you to dream big!

    Column deconstructed LED curved

    LED curved column deconstructed flexible

    Deconstructed column LED flexible


    Curved column flexible LED screen