Architectural LED Curtain Ceiling Display

Architectural LED Ceiling Curtain



Located in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times square, invested by HuiYi group, this project covered 1100 meters squared and is the only giant irregular LED ceiling curtain with multi-surfaces in china. It is 15 to 23 meters tall and its surface is in an irregular wavy design which was inspired by the Goddess loss flying ribbon from heaven.


This architectural LED ceiling curtain  is one of the most advance in the industry with 60% lower energy consumption , 60% lighter in weight with as high as 60% transparency. The Architecture ceiling curtain can be customized for many shapes and designs and scale, making it perfect for Large grand scale projects. With 16mm small pixels, muilti colour LEDs and perfect sound can create quite the dynamic effect.


The past or the future, microscopic world or vast universe, two-dimensional space or N-dimensional space, all can be presented by irregular LED ceiling curtain. Standing beneath it, feel the joy of fantasy.