Angled LED displays transformed into a cabinet design

U-motion designed this new rental cabinet design with 24 cabinets in an angled form that turns into a circle and this could be used for rental application in different types of activities and show. Another idea is to hang this on the ceiling to create the illusion of a lantern.

So what’s the difference between a flexible screen and an angled screen?

The big difference is that an angled screen is less flexible but it is a cheaper alternative to an flexible screen but let’s explain this more in detail:

The flexible LED modules are made of soft PCB and rubber materials. They are extremely soft and they can be designed in any size and shape that results in creative installations. They have a compact modular design, 5mm thick, and magnetic connections. The minimum size for an entire panel is 0,9m and it offers more flexibility in comparison to an angled screen to design whatever shape you want.

With an angled screen, the borders assemble themselves together and form angles that give you the possibility to build a specific shape. They are easy to install, manipulate and move, and also life resistant. These displays will you to expand your creativity, have an original screen and to shine brighter than with a basic flat screen. The minimum size of an angled screen is 3m.