“Accumulation” at the main gate of Le Meridien Seoul by Yang Minha

The possibilities with LED are really endless and you can create amazing artwork with it .

We are amazed by the work of Yang Minha who is an Associate Professor graduated from the University of Seoul and at the same time is a New Media Artist and Generative Media Designer.

Yang Minha Installed a new artwork called “Accumulation” at the main gate of Le Meridien Seoul.

LED tunnel with square shape

LED tunnel with square shape

“Accumulation” symbolizes the history from Ritz Carlton Seoul to Le Meridien Seoul.

The LED light tunnel expresses the accumulation of time. The composition of the frames concretes continuity and shows the locational context.

“Accumulation” has six sequences and each movie has the original theme like “Rise”, “Flow”, Accumulation”, “Dimension”, “Light” and “Overlap”.


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