A smart and attractive showcase with Transparent LED display for Rive Gauche’s Store, Russia

    Transparent LED displays are the latest solution to stand out in an elegant way

    One of our new clients, Rive Gauche (or Reev Gosh), is one of the largest perfume and make-up retailer in Russia, with more than 200 stores. Rive Gauche contacted us, at Street Co, to find an innovative and creative way to enhance two of their brand new stores. They wanted something futuristic and quite still unknown so people would be attracted to come in. We spent an entire week in Russia, in the city of Piatigorsk and St Petersburg, installing new LED displays for those two new stores. Our architects analyzed the stores’ arrangement in order to propose the best suitable solution to enhance the space and catch the eyes of the customers. For the Pyatigorsk’store, our team, in collaboration with Rive Gauche, decided to fit 4 large LED screens on the showcases next to the entrance.

    Its pitch is sufficient enough to allow a high definition image, but also to let light from the other side pass trough

    Transparent led showcase display store russia

    Street Communication supports your project from A to Z !

    • Conceptual step; Street co’ provides various LED display Design Options matching the constraints of the environment the display will be disposed in
    • Choice of design; our designers create various designs in collaboration with our engineers to enable you to chose the option that suits best your project
    • Engineering; our engineering team plans every details for your project, installation time, energy cost, environment constraints, environment capacity, viewing distance, external light, needed brightness or transparency to create the most rentable and durable display
    • Installation; nothing to do, just relax ! Our team will come and instal the display in the chosen place, plus, Street Co’ offers a two years guarantee on all displays !Our Installation service includes :
      • Product solution design (Including Cabinet/Frame structure design)
      • Assembly, LED set-up and testing at our warehouse
      • Electricity diagram and solution/requirement design
      • Control system set up and design
      • Assembly,LED set-up and testing onsite
      • Transport & warehouse storage
      • Maintenance / Logistic
    Transparent LED retail facade shop

    They choose to use the latest innovations, such as Transparent LED displays to enhance those windows. Indeed, Transparent LED displays are surprising; they look like classical screen from a certain distance, but when the screen turns of, it lets appear the background. Its pitch is sufficient enough to allow a high definition image, but also to let light from the other side pass trough . On those windows, the Transparent LED displays, equipped with the latest LED technologies ( to allow a high transparency, a good quality image and a high refresh rate ) broadcast colorful commercials of the brands retailed by Rive Gauche, to intrigue and attract passengers. We also provided Rive Gauche the video some of the contents that will be broadcasted on the screens, thanks to our designer team. They managed to create visuals that would suit Rive Gauche’s expectations and taste by bringing to it their own artistic touch. The two stores just opened and let the customers enjoy their new very visual cosmetic stores. You can check the complete evolution and result of our building team’s hard work just bellow !

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